Thursday, April 2, 2009

See the Opportunities in this Recession

Morph this crisis into an opportunity!

It is only when we are uncomforatble that we make changes in our lives and in our businesses. If the current economic recession has you uncomfortable, look for where the opportunities are.

For example, if you have savings, the price of some stocks right now are a bargain! You can buy them for what they were selling for more than a decade ago!

Want to buy a home? Prices are down to levels seen 5 years ago - and mortgage rates are still low as well!

In or looking to start a business? Look for what people need. Just the other day I heard of a company that is renting a bus and is arranging for people to visit about 30 foreclosed properties in the course of the day. The cost to go on the tour? $200. What an idea! You do the homework, rent the bus, and arrange the "showings" - get 20 people who take you up on it, you've made $4000 gross in one day!

So what do people need in this recession and how can you offer it to them?