Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are Honest Elections in Illinois an Oxymoron?

Most people groan when they hear a pun, yet they laugh when they hear an oxymoron. They laugh because an oxymoron combines opposite or contradictory terms, such as thunderous applause, sweet sorrow, honest Illinois elections….

As a child growing up in Chicago we frequently heard jokes like “When I die, I want to be buried in Chicago so I can keep voting,” and “Vote early and often.”

Honest elections (or the lack of them) though are no laughing matter. Voter fraud invalidates your legitimate vote, creates apathy (“my one vote is not important”) and allows elections to be stolen from the lawful winner. And when that happens, there is no longer a level playing field, corruption becomes the norm, and the democratic process is undermined.

Fraud is not limited to one political persuasion! Election integrity is a nonpartisan issue that every citizen should be concerned about.

Think of it this way: Who is lobbying for you, the citizen?

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